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Rateb Salameh, a passionate real estate agent on a mission to infuse honesty and joy into the home buying process for his clients. His dedication to this mission stems from a simple yet profound reason – the excitement and stimulation that the real estate industry provides. Since 2023, Rateb has been devotedly serving appreciative homebuyers, ensuring their journey is not just transactional but filled with positive experiences.

Fluent in Spanish, Rateb extends his commitment to inclusivity, offering seamless communication and understanding to a broader spectrum of clients. With a genuine enthusiasm for the dynamic world of real estate, Rateb is more than just an agent; he is a guide, ensuring that every step of the homebuying process is marked by transparency, joy, and satisfaction.

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"San Diego Fast Cash Offers is honest and fair when buying a home and I recommend them always! They bring honor and dignity to the distressed homes they work on and redeem the neighborhood home values in any community."
"Fantastic company, great renovations helping San Diego neighborhoods look more beautiful! Good job guys!"
"Everyone on their team is quick to respond, friendly, very professional and very easy to work with. Nothing slipped through the cracks of the transactions."
"It was a no brainer working with you. I had a great experience when we buying our home, and so immediately reached back out when we sold our home! Thank you so much for everything!"
"My home just sold way over asking price in less than a week! The experience I had went over and beyond anything I was expecting. In my opinion, best Realtor to deal with."
"My wife & I have moved 7 times in the last 30 years. We've dealt with many realtors but I have to say that this experience puts the rest to shame. If you are buying or selling a home, do yourselves a favor and look no further."
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